Friday, June 10, 2005

Arianna Huffington vs Bill O'Reilly

This comes from Musing Minds and it's really a kill. I never particularly like Arianna Huffington when she called herself a "conservative". Her arguments come across as shallow and superficial and the depth of her intellect is suspect. She was no more committed to conservative principles before then she is liberal ones now. She simply found the Hollywood limousine liberal crowd more in keeping with her personal aspirations and ego.

HUFFINGTON: Well there is evidence. There is evidence in FBI reports, there is evidence of abuse. And there is the overwhelming evidence that it is being used as a recruiting tool for terror.

O'REILLY: But they will find another recruiting tool.

HUFFINGTON: But what is very important, Bill, is that the most important thing for government to do is to protect its citizens. And right now any kind of evidence of abuse, any kind of evidence that we are not abiding by the Geneva Convention, that we are not abiding by the human rights standards that America is proud of, is really turning against the safety of our own citizens.

O'REILLY: But they're making the abuses up. Don't you get that?

HUFFINGTON: But we've released 234 people from Guantanamo Bay who had nothing to do with terror. 234 people.

O'REILLY: Who? Wait a minute. I have never seen the government make a statement that they have released one person from Guantanamo who nothing to do with terrorism.

HUFFINGTON: they say 234 who were not enemy combatants...

O'REILLY: What they say is, the release quote is "we no longer need them in detention, we have what we need from them." If you can give me one name of one detainee who was released because he was in there mistakenly, I'll check it out.

HUFFINGTON: Bill, do you really think that guilty people are released?.........

Just a snippet, go read the entire thing. She provides a glowing illustration of a thinly thought out lefty talking point that is laid bare do to pathetic debating skills.

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