Friday, June 10, 2005

Jealous Rosie O’Donnell Orders Lesbian Partner To Stop Nursing Her Child

In a statement during an appearance on ABC’s the view, outspoken lesbian Rosie O’Donnell confessed that she had ordered her lesbian partner to stop breastfeeding her child because of her jealousy.

The topic came up when the moderator Meredith Vieira mentioned the recent New York protest—or “nurse-in”—which involved 200 women breastfeeding outside of ABC’s headquarters in protest against negative remarks Barbara Walters had made about breastfeeding

Kelly [Rosie’s partner] only nursed for like about a month,” said Rosie at the time, “and then I was very angry, because as the other mommy...with the other babies nobody nursed because they were adopted. But with this baby it was like she was the only one getting to bond. So I was like the nursing is over! I cut her off. I’m like, you’ve had your limit honey. No more!”

Ok it's true , I fell asleep and woke up in a creepy parallel universe. One could go on for days reflecting on the just plain wierdness of this entire situation. Suffice it to say this is what happens when your surrounded by boobs.

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