Sunday, September 02, 2007

US Forces Battle al-Qaeda, Iran Revolutionary Guards in Baghdad, Mosul

BAGHDAD, Sept 1 (KUNA) -- Coalition forces have conducted two separate raids to capture or kill suspected Special Groups operatives in Baghdad before dawn on Saturday, the Multi-National Force (MNF) said in a statement.

The statement said coalition forces detained eight suspected Special Groups terrorists during the raids. Coalition forces conducted two deliberate ground assaults to raid what were believed to be the residences of two high-level Special Groups leaders. The targeted individuals are believed to be leaders of Special Groups responsible for logistical facilitation of Iranian weapons and lethal aid flowing into Iraq, the statement added.

Both targeted individuals are implicated in anti-Coalition forces attacks and the recruitment of extremists to conduct criminal activity.

MNF spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said they are continuing a series of synchronized operations against the Special Groups that utilize Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps - Quds Force support to import weapons, explosives and training, Coalition forces conducted a set of sequential raids last night in Baghdad targeting Special Groups operatives.

Sooner or later we're going to have to initiate a more dceisive response than just rounding em up.

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