Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Class Act

Thompson on Sunday also rejected comparisons with Ronald Reagan, another former Republican actor-turned-politician.

"The only comparison I like with regard to Ronald Reagan — which nobody can live up to — is that he was so believable. He was such a good communicator because he believed so intensely in his principles and he stuck with them. The camera doesn't lie," Thompson said.

"When you do that, people see that. To the extent that one could compare us in that respect, I'd be honored," he continued. "Other than that, there won't be another Ronald Reagan in my lifetime."

It appears the more America sees Fred the more they like him:

Thompson climbs in GOP poll

At 34%, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani leads the field, as he has all year.

Thompson continues to be a wild card in the GOP contest. He ranks second at 22%, up 3 points since August and his strongest showing since his name was added to the list of contenders in March.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has slipped 4 points from August, to 10%.

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