Saturday, September 22, 2007


What could he have possibly been thinking?

September 22, 2007 -- Hold on, it's Judi.

That's the stunning line Rudy Giuliani told an already-skeptical crowd of gun enthusiasts yesterday when he abruptly interrupted his speech - to take a call from his wife.

The interruption drew awkward laughs and some outrage from the 400 National Rifle Association members on hand in a Washington, D.C., hotel ballroom.

Because of his history of supporting gun control as mayor, Giuliani had already entered the room with a bull's-eye on him.

Update: Maybe now we know what he was thinking.

Just before Giuliani took the call ostensibly from his wife during the NRA speech, he was discussing the second amendment. However, when discussing the second amendment's language, he mistakenly began to paraphrase the fourth amendment instead.

Paraphrased snippet from the speech:

"After all the second amendment is a freedom every bit as important as the other freedoms in the first ten amendments. Just think of the language of it -- the people shall be secure let's see, this is my wife calling..."

(talks to and about his wife)

(when he resumes his speech we have a change of subject) "...but the parking decision offers an excellent example..."

Giuliani forgetting the second amendment in front of a group that lives and breaths it would be a monumental gaffe.

Was the call actually from his wife (likely staged to make him appear more human) or a staffer alerting him to the fact that he was quoting from the wrong ammendment? Makes one wonder.

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