Friday, September 14, 2007

Iraq tribes vow to avenge murder

AI continues to prove that they are indeed their own worst enemy.

Sunni Arab tribes in Anbar, the western Iraqi province, have vowed to avenge the killing of Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, their leader.

He died in a roadside-bomb attack near his home in Ramadi, the provincial capital, on Thursday.

Abdul Sattar Abu Risha was leader of the Anbar Salvation Council, an alliance of clans that supported the Iraqi government and US forces in fighting al-Qaeda in the province.

Thousands of people gathered in Ramadi to attend Friday's funeral.

"We blame al-Qaeda and we are going to continue our fight and avenge his death," Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, brother of Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, said on Friday.

Bush had it right in his speech last night.....The murder of Abu Risha will only serve to "further galvanize" the Sunni tribes.

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