Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hsuicide? Slit his throat shaving? This was the question we asked one week ago when Norman Hsu dissapeared. Well as it turns out we may not have been far from the mark as this article from the WSJ reports.

Hsu Sent Suicide Note Before Disappearance

Before Democratic fund-raiser Norman Hsu skipped a court hearing and temporarily vanished last week, he typed out a suicide note and sent copies to several acquaintances and charitable organizations, according to people who received it.

The one-page note, signed by Mr. Hsu, "very explicitly said he intended to commit suicide," said one of the recipients in an account corroborated by others, including law-enforcement officials. Mr. Hsu also apologized for putting anybody "through inconvenience or trouble," the recipient said.

The letter, which began, "To whom it may concern," arrived by FedEx at the addresses of several recipients last Thursday, the day after Mr. Hsu disappeared.

Nukes News and views has more.

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