Monday, December 22, 2008

A week after getting pay increase, Syracuse garage workers see their hours cut

The UAW and their members did it, the meat packing unions did it and now these guys. It's called cutting your own throat and heavyhanded wage "negotiation" whether it be through arbitrators or the courts usually ends up screwing the rank and file.
Syracuse, NY -- Ten weeks after a Syracuse City Court judge found that Murbro Parking was required to pay a "living wage" to workers who staffed city-owned garages, the employees are tired of waiting for answers.

In November, they started earning the $13.11 per hour required by the living wage law enacted in 2005 to keep workers under city contracts out of poverty.

But a week later, the employees experienced a less welcome change -- their 40-hour workweek was cut back to 35 hours. Managers' hours were cut, too. One manager said the result was a reduced paycheck, after overtime was eliminated and regular hours were cut below 38.

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