Sunday, December 21, 2008

Report says Ohio's former AG raided campaign cash

And it's time once again to play "Name that Party"!....
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ex-Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann denies allegations he used campaign money to bankroll family vacations and home repairs.

Dann tells The Associated Press he'll prove to the Ohio Elections Commission that the allegations are either false or "lack a basis in law."

A complaint filed with the commission by Ohio's inspector general accuses Dann of reporting incomplete, inaccurate and false information about campaign expenditures. The Columbus Dispatch says the documents allege, among other things, that Dann laundered campaign money to pay for a $40,000 home security system and new windows and to pay for rent and utilities on a condo.

Dann resigned as Ohio's attorney general last May after admitting he'd had an affair with an employee.
Just in case you are new and not too good at this game, he's a Dem.

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