Friday, December 05, 2008

MN Recount: Coleman increases margin over Franken (UDATED& BUMPED)

With 82% of votes recounted Norm Coleman has actually extended his lead .

Update: With 88% of the votes recounted Coleman is up by 282

Update II: 92% of the votes recounted and Coleman is up by 340.

Update III: Minneapolis discovery costs Franken 36 votes

Gained 37 lost 36, I'll take that...
What Maplewood giveth, Minneapolis taketh away. Elections officials in Minnesota's largest city today discovered that one precinct came up 133 ballots short of election day totals, resulting in a net loss for Democratic challenger Al Franken of 36 votes.
Update IV: 98% of the votes recounted, Coleman is up by 316.

Update V: With 99% of the vote recounted Coleman is up by 251.

Update VI: The Minnesopta SOS site is showing 100% of the votes recounted and Coleman maintaining a 238 vote lead. Coleman lost a total of 2685 votes while Franken lost 2708 giving Coleman a net pick up of 23 votes from his initial total.

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