Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cramer: Make Me SEC Chariman

Four words, Loud mouth, boorish clown. This self important jerk has cost a lot of people a lot of money with his flippant often misguided advice. Even Obama is not that stupid, or is he?
While Chris Matthews mulls a run for the senate, another member of the peacock wants to be SEC chairman. Here's Jim Cramer from tonight's "Mad Money."

Do you want the market to become a safe place to invest again? A place where the playing field between the longs, the regular investors like yourself, and the shorts...often hedge funds...willing to destroy good companies in order to turn a profit?

Do you want that? Do you want a level playing field? Then I know what you want. I know who you want. You want James J. Cramer to be your next SEC Chairman. THat's right. I'm throwing the hat in the ring. As of now, I am formally putting myself forward for the job of SEC Chair and I want it. And frankly, Obama will be smart to give it to me.

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