Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Justice wants Dayton to provide relief to black job candidates

Talk about opening a "can of worms"....
DAYTON — The U.S. Department of Justice wants the city of Dayton to pay blacks who didn't qualify for jobs with the police and fire departments because they failed to meet requirements now challenged in a federal lawsuit.

In a settlement proposal dated Nov. 13, the Justice Department wants the city to distribute a lump sum of $450,000, hire and offer $18,900 in back pay to black applicants who:

• Took the police exam in 2006 but were delayed or denied employment because of their scores on an entrance exam the Justice Department says is discriminatory.

• Were denied employment or deterred from applying by the fire department in 2004 or later because they did not meet requirements now challenged by the Justice Department.

The proposal also states the city must develop new hiring procedures for firefighters and police officers.

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