Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Liberal Insanity

From the Collins Report, examples of leftist bizarro pseudo logic.
Liberalism is a sickness that should be laughed at and mocked. This 2008 year end roundup of stupid political correctness rules proves it. Join me in feeling superior to the nitwits who think this crap makes the world a better place.

Frightened of offending anyone, the University of Pittsburgh now allows men who “feel” they are women to move into women’s dorms with rights to shower with females and sit in the stalls next to them.

An Australian idiot has ruled Santa’s “Ho ho ho!” laugh is offensive. When stopping Down Under, Santa has to change his laugh to “Ha ha ha.”

Fishkill New York, a place named by Dutch settlers to mean “fish stream,” was recently asked by the morons in PETA to change its name to “Fishsave.”

Two reports from England show: a simpleton created an application for Air Traffic Controllers in Braille so as not to offend blind applicants; and a woman who escorts an epileptic child to school was forced to undergo a criminal records check, to continue doing so, even though she’s the child’s Mother!

Not even other liberals are safe from being pulled down into the political correctness pit of stupidity. At Berkeley (where else?) a pack of liberals were “sitting in” to save a stand of trees and stop construction of a new athletic field. The chancellor called them racists because the new building would be used to attract “minority student athletes.”

The “student” protestors, three Latinos and a “Native American” were led by “Running Wolf” who cried.. chancellor was pitting “colored against colored.”

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