Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Schmidt vs Hackett

Predictably the Entrenched Media is spinning the election results last night as a bellweather, a preview of coming attractions concerning the 2006 midterms.

Well it's a crock. There are several reasons it was close and none of them are harbingers of the future.

The reasons it was close:

1. Schmidt was closely aligned with Taft, an extremely unpopular (R) Governor , a RINO with a 20% approval rating.

2. Schmidt was by no means a staunch conservative and carried a fair amoount of RINO baggage herself. She raised taxes several times, had moderate views on a host of subjects and even backed off her pro-life stance in a debate.

3. Hackett ran a very good campaign albeit dishonest. If you didn't see a(D) next to his name in the voting booth, you might have assumed he was a Republican.

4. The Republicans took this race for granted expending little in the way of resources. The Democrats however expended a great deal of money, energy and time to Hackett's campaign.

5. There is a strong undercurrent of support and respect for our military men right now (especially in the midwest). Hackett's persona benefited greatly from having served in Iraq.

6. Hackett was the beneficiary of an unprecedented amount of positive media exposure. I have yet to find a Entrenched Media report that casts him in a negative light.

Let the liberal pundits spin their webs, it will have no effect other than to take their eye off the ball. This election does tell us one thing however; For the Dims to win anywhere but the big cities they have to become a Republican at least in everything but name.

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