Monday, August 08, 2005

Ex United Nations Official Taken Into Custody

Bolton's in position less than a week and the hammers already starting to fall.

Breaking.... U.S. Attorney's Office takes into custody ex-United Nations Procurement Official in Oil-for-food Investigation.

The U.S. attorney's office took Yakovlev into custody hours after Paul Volcker (search), the man in charge of the U.N.-approved probe into Oil-for-Food, fingered Yakovlev as one of two main U.N. officials involved in the program's corruption.

The report also accuses Benon Sevan (search), the one-time head of the Oil-for-Food program who severed his ties with the United Nations on Sunday, of taking kickbacks under the multi-billion dollar humanitarian operation aimed at easing the effects of sanctions on Iraqi civilians.

Update Per CNN : A former U.N. officer named in the oil-for-food scandal pleads guilty to money laundering and conspiracy charges, federal prosecutors said.

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