Monday, August 01, 2005

100,000 British Muslims Back Bombers

Religion of peace update.....

Islamic leaders in Britain are urging their flocks to turn away from "the harbingers of hate" in the wake of a survey showing that 100,000 members of the nation's Muslim community support the London train bombers.

"The word 'Islam' means peace," insisted Rafiq Hayat, national president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association U.K. "But we have to live by it in order to grow," he warned, in quotes picked up by the Washington Times.

A YouGov survey commissioned by the London Telegraph last week, however, shows that Hayat and other pro-Western Muslim leaders are facing an uphill battle.

Twenty-four percent of 500 Muslims responding said they sympathize with the suicide bombers. More troubling still, 6 percent said the attacks were necessary.

These "believers" ought not worry about the infidels describing them as promoters of violence and terrorist sympathizers, they validate the accusations by their own shameless admissions.

Update: More illustrations of peace and compassion......

Men breakdown after viewing a tortured relative's body at the Yarmouk hospital, Monday, Aug. 1, 2005, in Baghdad, Iraq. Iraqi police discovered the tortured bodies of 12 men in an open field of garbage in the Um Al-Maalif area of south Baghdad. Relatives of the victims say that insurgents dressed as police came yesterday and took the twelve men away. (AP Photo/Mohammed Uraibi)

Pictures here (warning graphic)

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