Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blog Readers Up 45% in Q1

Regular reader of blogs? Well your far from being alone.

One-sixth of the U.S. population read web logs in the first quarter, a report says.

U.S. blog readership in the first quarter jumped 45 percent to 49.5 million people, or one-sixth of the total U.S. population, a report said Monday, suggesting the blogosphere is becoming increasingly alluring to online advertisers.

The most popular blogs were Free Republic with 3.6 million visitors, Drudge Report with 2.3 million, Fleshbot (a Gawker Media blog) with 1.2 million, followed by Gawker and Fark, both with 1.1 million. Regularly updated blogs won a huge portion of the overall visits. Drudge Report alone had 44.3 million visits.

The liberal stranglehold on written news is over. Any wonder why the printed press belittles the blogospere at every turn.

I'm sorry to say OpiniPundit missed the top 10, just 2 million more hits a year and we'll be there.

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