Wednesday, August 03, 2005

An Hour in the Twilight Zone

I was surfing around a bit and happened to stumble on to a FAR left blog who appears to get a better than fair amount of traffic....Bradblog. My intent was to get a bit of perspective on the ACVR report from the other side.

Brother did I get more than I bargained for. I decided to enter into the debate briefly making no bones about who or what I was. Classifying the regulars there as opinionated would be the understatement of the millenium. The best description would be DUers on steroids and meth.

The hatred for Bush is more than palpable. It is so deep seated and intense that it completely obscures the possibility of rational thought. Vicious gut wrenching anger that makes my sentiments toward Bill Clinton seem like puppy love; It's frankly beyond description.

These people are absolutely, positively, and irrevocably convinced that this country is afflicted with massive orchestrated all encompassing election fraud. The culprits are the neocons of which Bush is Grand Poohbah, the voting machine manufacturers.... DIEBOLD and virtually every Republican election worker from precinct level up. There is no sliver of doubt in their minds, to think otherwise is to be complicit in the conspiracy.

Several of them also believe fervently that the Bush administration and the neocons initiated the 9-11 attacks. Some of the more moderate of the group simply believe they knew of the attack and let it happen which for all legal and moral considerations are synonomous. Again these opinions are not idle speculation or conjecture, THEY KNOW it to be the truth and are absolutely unflappable in this belief. Bush is not a bad President whos policy's they intensly disagree with, No, he's a murdering monster who's evil has not been equalled on this earth since Hitler began his rampage across eastern Europe.

I am less convinced that the sun will rise in the East tommorrow than they are of these beliefs. Frankly it's beyond explanation how anyone could be that totally convinced of anything. There reliance on anectdotal evidence, speculation, innuendo and tortured logic to reach these bizarre conclusions is inexplicable. Not one iota of hard bonafide evidence for these wild assertions is offered up yet they hold to these convictions with the tenacity of a moonie.

One might conclude that there are numerous underground American "madrasa's churning out thousands of Conservative hating indoctrinated youth intent not on suicide bombings but rather infiltrating all corners of American culture spreading their venomous message of hate, cynicism and paranoia.

Or maybe it's the fact that they get their news from basically the same sources. Typically Rawstory, Kos, VotersUnite, Move-On, and the DU. Their single minded obscessions are reinforced on a daily basis by the delusional propaganda spewed by these fringe left tabloids of the blogospere. I spend a bit of time at FreeRepublic, Jawa and read Newsmax, NRO and CNS ( all tame in comparison) but I do get out once in awhile too. One can't get their news from sources that agree with ones preconceived notions and expect to keep perspective.

The fact that people with these notions even exist is disturbing let alone contemplating the fact that there are probably more of them than I care to imagine. Intelligent discourse with them is just not possible. Anything that deviates from the strict hyperleft progressive conspiracy obscessive dogma is neither accepted nor tolerated.

Will I go back? Maybe. It's a bit like a terrible automobile wreck. You know what you'll see will be distressing, upsetting likely gruesome yet, it's hard not to look.

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