Monday, August 22, 2005

Constitution Approved

Breaking.......Per Fox, Iraqi draft constitution has been approved meeting the extended deadline. More details to follow.

Update: Reuters article here. AP has this:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Hours before a midnight deadline, Shiites and Kurds reached an agreement Monday on a draft constitution and were trying to persuade Sunni Arabs to go along with their compromises.

Update II: From Iraq the model .....In a press conference that just ended in Baghdad, Jawad Al-Maliki and Jalal Addin Al-Saghir (CDC members from the United Alliance) said that the Sunni politicians still have reservations on federalism but they expected that the draft will easily get the approval of 2rds of the Assembly members."Frankly speaking, we cannot wait for the Sunni forever; we have a deadline to respect and if they don't agree with what was written in the draft they can say that in the referendum but we're still having talks with the Sunni politicians" said Jalal Addin.

Regarding Islam and the constitution: it was agreed upon that no laws that are against the widely agreed upon values of Islam can be issued and no laws that are against the values of democracy and human rights can be issued. Natural resources according to the draft will be managed in cooperation between the central government and the local administrations of the federal states/provinces.

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