Monday, April 23, 2007

Thompson vs. Giuliani

In the final analysis you're looking at the only real primary battle right here.

Who's going to win the Evangelical vote? So far, Rudy Giuliani has surprised a lot of experts by showing some pretty decent support among Evangelicals. The L.A. Times says this morning:

"Nationwide, he is the No. 1 choice of white conservative Christians for the Republican nomination. A Times poll this month found 26% of them favor Giuliani — more than double the portion supporting either of his top rivals, John McCain or Mitt Romney."

Still, in a measure of conservative dissatisfaction with Giuliani and his primary opponents, the Times survey found that 22% of white conservative Christian Republicans preferred former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee for the party nomination.

I think there's no question that if Fred Thompson enters the race, he's going to be a heavyweight. Giuliani knows it. McCain knows it and Romney certainly knows it.

And , it's all about Frederalism baby.

Those who are in charge of applying the conservative litmus test should wonder why some of their brethren continue to try to federalize more things – especially at a time of embarrassing federal mismanagement and a growing federal bureaucracy. I am afraid that such a test is often based more upon who is favored between two self-serving litigants than upon legal and constitutional principles. Isn’t that what we make all the Supreme Court nominees promise not to do?

Adhering to the principles of Federalism is not easy. As one who was on the short end of a couple of 99-1 votes, I can personally attest to it. Federalism sometimes restrains you from doing things you want to do. You have to leave the job to someone else – who may even choose not to do it at all. However, if conservatives abandon this valued principle that limits the federal government, or if we selectively use it as a tool with which to reward our friends and strike our enemies, then we will be doing a disservice to our country as well as the cause of conservatism.

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