Saturday, April 28, 2007

Reagan's men are backing - an actor

A key figure in the Reagan inner circle has now given his seal of approval to Mr Thompson, best known as a star of the television crime drama Law and Order.

As deputy chief of staff, Michael Deaver was a key member of the "troika" of aides who kept the Reagan White House on track. With the chief of staff James Baker and special assistant Ed Meese, he was the master of image and presentation.

Mr Deaver sees the same raw material in Mr Thompson as was perceived in Ronald Reagan, describing him as someone "that could really make a difference". He added: "He is very popular in his party. He could change this whole thing and turn this primary system upside down.

Mr Deaver's intervention is significant. He is very close to Mr Reagan's widow, Nancy, and is seen as the keeper of the Reagan flame.

You are exactly right Mr Deaver, he could and he will.

Captains Quarters comments....

Deaver has remained at the forefront of the Reagan legacy, and has close contacts with Nancy Reagan. Clark Judge, one of Reagan's speechwriters, also supports Thompson, calling Thompson "a man of tremendous substance". Roger Stone, a Reagan campaign strategist, notes that Thompson has Reagan's self-assurance without the cockiness of George W Bush, and that he communicates wisdom and deliberation.

With this team forming, it's obvious that Thompson will join the race. If that wasn't enough, his upcoming appearance at the Lincoln Club this Friday should make it clear. It has worked for Republican electoral success since it helped inspire Reagan to run for governor, and it made history when it assisted Arnold Schwarzenegger and pushed the recall effort that made him a successor to Reagan in California. If Thompson can bring the Lincoln Club behind him, he will have a force in political fundraising on his team -- and will have gotten a jump on the other Republicans that have conservatives pining for Fred as the new Reagan.

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