Friday, August 14, 2009

Montana Prevents Obama From Rigging Town Hall Audience

It appears he isn't going to be able to hide behind the DNC plants and Whitehouse shills this time.
There is no guarantee that President Barack Obama will be able to avoid critics of his healthcare proposal when he hosts a town hall meeting in Belgrade, Mont., on Friday.

Local officials in Belgrade and neighboring Bozeman personally oversaw the handing out of passes Thursday in much the same fashion that a venue would dole out tickets to a rock concert. Hundreds of people seeking to attend the president's event began lining up Wednesday afternoon, and camped out overnight in the parking lots of the two local municipal buildings.

Karen Semerau, the Bozeman official who helped oversee the distribution, said some people brought their dogs, others put up tents, and but for a brief rain shower, those in line appeared to be upbeat about the chance to hear from, and question, the president about his plan.

"I couldn't tell by looking at people if they were for the president's plan or against it," Semerau said. "But I can say that the group was totally mixed – college kids, older folks, all walks of life."
But I could be wrong. Turns out it's Gallatin county. Look at the demographics, ir's harldy representaive of Montana. I should have realized that thete is no way Obama's protectors are going to put him in the line of actual fire.

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