Saturday, August 08, 2009

Congresswoman Kirkpatrick walks out on her own town hall

This thing is backfiring on the Dems so badly it's almost hard to believe. Spineless jellyfish all save a very few.
Earlier today we covered the story of Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick canceling her town hall. We have since found video of the event and the truth of what happened does not quite match the story that Rep. Kirkpatrick gave to Politico. Kirkpatrick was certainly facing questions but the group is well behaved. When she gets up to leave the people stand aside and let her go.

Clearly Kirkatrick chose a very crowded venue and only has herself to blame for the confined space. At the end of the video we see another Democrat hopping in an SUV, which for some reason has California plates.
Video HERE.

Best comment:
Why it was nearly a riot!! Those silver haired gangstas and their beotches were out of control. They were spotted beforehand plotting with lobbyists from the insurance cartel at a Cracker Barrel getting all hopped up on free chipped beef and blueberry pancakes. RoadKingSE at FR.

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