Monday, August 24, 2009

"Ghetto Girl": Michelle Obama and the Martha's Vineyard black elite

Blacks "made it" a long time ago. The prevalence of self imposed segregation, pretentiousness and elitism are testament.
The idea that rich, smart, black people get together to entertain each other (there is little else to do there) has intrigued the media lately. Why the new focus? Well, this week, the First Family will join that tradition, another socially-prominent, African American family escaping the summer heat on the beaches of the Vineyard.

When the news broke, the writer Toure penned an article for New York Magazine about this annual gathering of the clan, focusing on its elite status (generational ownership of homes on the island) and the myriad criteria for being welcomed there, especially during the popular Labor Day weekend.

While trying to unlock the mystery of the island's attractions and assess the Vineyard's suitability as a vacation spot for our new First Family, one anonymous, snobby, long-time islander is reported to have questioned Michelle Obama's place in the group's hierarchy, referring to the First Lady as just a "ghetto girl", one who did not belong in the august company of the regulars.

Needless to say, this quote has sent shock waves around the country.

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