Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ACORN Bigshot Pleads Guilty In Nevada Case

Expect this guy to sing like a canary, that is if he lives that long.
This past May charges of voter fraud were brought up against the Nevada arm of the President's favorite community organizers, ACORN.

The state alleged that ACORN had policies requiring employees in Vegas to sign up 20 new voters a day or be fired. And, if you turn in 21 or more new registrations, you get a blackjack and a bonus of $5 per shift (hey it is Vegas).

It's against the law in Nevada to pay individual registrants to register people based on the total number of people that you've registered. That's a felony in Nevada.

Nevada officials just announced that Christopher Edwards, the head of the Nevada operations, has pleaded guilty and will testify against other ACORN programs

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