Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Peace in Our Time

Whenever I hear the impassioned pleas of the left for peace in the Middle East I can't help but be reminded of the scene in "Independence Day" when the President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) asks the alien "Can't we have peace?" and the alien responds "No peace" He then asks "What do you want us to do?" the alien responds "Die"

If the script writers weren't making a direct analogy to the situation between Israel and the radicals in the Middle East it' s an amazing coincidence because the parallel is uncanny.

Most Arabs don't want peace nor do they want land, they want Israel to die, it's that simple. Decades of indoctrination have produced a generation of jihadists that are single minded in their pursuit, the complete iradication of Jews from the Middle east, period. These people don't fight to live, they live to fight and anyone who says different is either profoundly ignorant or a liar.

The initial proof of this came when Arafat rejected the "plan" ramrodded by Clinton which gave them virtually all they could have hoped for. The definative proof came after Israel instituted a unilateral pull out of the Gaza territories. This action yielded no "peace" benefit whatsoever as they tunnelled from their newly acquired land into Israel and kidnapped and murdered.

If peace was truly their desire all they had to do was quit murdering Israeli's. In all liklihood had the Arabs in the territories not attacked, Israel would have pulled out of the West Bank within the next 18 months as well.

You simply cannot negotiate with people who's goal is "No peace". Chamberlains attempted diplomacy with Hitler became the quintessential 20th century illustration of that very thing.

The Europeans, and the Americans to a degree cannot fathom how peace couldn't be as important to others as it is to them. The mere suggestion of such a thing is alien to their thought processes. They all get that incredulous look on their faces that President Whitmore had. 9-11 and the London bombings gave them a brief wake up call but unfortunately memories are short and impressions fleeting. All looked but most did not see.

I am afraid "peace loving" Anglos are not going to understand what we are truly dealing with untill they are hit at home with a really big one. So far we have been lucky but it's coming and all the negotiating in the world won't stop it.

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