Sunday, August 13, 2006

Charities Funds Diverted for Aircraft Plot: Report

This E-mailed by Apollo.

Certain United Kingdom-based Muslim charities had transferred 'huge sums' to banks in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to pay for the alleged airline bombing plot, a report said on Sunday. It also stated that some of the terror suspects visited al-Qaeda camps in the area, posing as quake relief workers.

Key members of the British terror gang reportedly travelled to Pakistan's lawless border region with Afghanistan to learn bomb-making techniques, the Mail on Sunday said.

It said security services and Pakistani intelligence are now trying to piece together the exact movements of several plotters over recent years.

Wonder if the Entrenched Media will beat their breasts as they lament the taking of funds from the destitute and food from the starving by the islamofascists. Don't hold your breath.

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