Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Local Resident Receiving Mysterious Threats

More Stalinist behavior from the party of compassion and tolerance.....

Crawford- One local resident is fearful for her family's safety, after alleged threats from a supposed anti-war demonstrator.

After news of protestor Cindy Sheehan's purchase of property near President Bush's ranch, Tracy Thiele gave an interview to News Channel 25. The interview was later broadcast on a segment ABC's Good Morning America. That's when the trouble all began.

"About seven times in a row, I have gotten threatening phone calls against me and my family," said Thiele. "The caller knew where Crawford was, she knew where I lived. She said be on my doorstep the next morning to take care of me. Stuff like that."

Thiele lives just doors away from Sheehan's new property, where Camp Casey III is being erected. Both Crawford Police and the McLennan County Sheriff's Office are investigating the incident. Thiele and her family are not waiting for Sheehan's arrival in Crawford, but rather her departure at the end of August.

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