Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moderation No More

It's official, the Democrat party has gone off the deep end. By choosing to oust a 3 term strong on security veteran Senator with a 90% liberal vote rating from the ticket in favor of a far left peacafist they show that a liberal in the mold of Franklin Roosevelt Harry Truman, and JFK are no longer desired in their party.

The Move On, Soros/Sheehan wing of the left have won and in doing so dealt a severe blow to common sense and moderation in liberal politics. The last remnants of the Scoop Jackson style Democrat is relegated to the political refuse heap of history. It's really difficult to comprehend that a short 6 years ago their concensus choice for Vice Preseident of the United States is now deemed an untouchable.

Don't get me wrong, for the right and the Republican party this is a gift that will likely pay high dividends. The further left the Democrats are pulled the more they marginalize themselves as a viable choice for the American people. Strong on defense Democrat candidates won't even be offered up and security minded Democrats and moderates will have no choice but to either not vote or vote for the Republican.

Hillary Clinton and many other Democrats now have a serious problem. Even though she may well side with these fringe lefties who have at least temporarily hijacked the Democrat party, one thing she knows full well, after 9-11 peaceafists win Democrat primaries but they don't win general elections. She's been trying to walk this tightrope for months now and it's only made her look without conviction and foolish.

Kudos to the moonbats Kos, Code Pink, Michael Moore, Geogre Soros, Move On and a host of other radical progressives. You have shown the world your clout and in doing so have made the job of us on the right one helluva lot easier.

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