Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Driver Charged With DWF: Driving While Female

Talk about a warped perspective.... it's immoral for a woman to drive a car, yet anyone can blow up innocent people and that's not only OK it's glorified.....Religion of Peace indeed.

TAIF, 22 August 2006 — Police in Taif caught a woman violating the law by being behind the steering wheel of a moving car, the Al-Jazirah newspaper reported yesterday.

The woman, an Arab foreigner married to a Saudi man, was immediately arrested. The husband was called to the police station to pick up his spouse.

The cops instructed the husband to make sure his wife does not repeat such a terrible crime as driving a car, which, according to the defenders of the law can lead to immoral behavior.

I don't know about immoral, psychotic maybe.

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