Saturday, May 27, 2006

Police Report: Alleged Victim Changed Story

Tahwana Brawley, Anita Hill, and......

The woman who accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her changed her story and appeared to fake being unconscious, according to a police report obtained Friday by Eyewitness News.

We obtained documents from a new motion filed by defense attorney Joe Cheshire. His client, David Evans, is one of the accused players. Among the documents is a supplemental report, written by Sgt. J.C. Shelton of the Durham Police Department on April 9. [snip]

"He called me and stated the female stated she had been raped...Once at Duke [Hospital], I spoke to the female, who was now cooperative," Shelton wrote. "She said some of the guys from the party pulled her from the vehicle and groped her. She told me that no one forced her to have sex."

Then, Shelton says the alleged victim's story changed again.

Personally I think this woman was probably treated rudely by some of these young men at the party. In retribution, she decided get some payback.

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