Sunday, May 28, 2006

Moon Murtha Madness?

This new accusation is circulating aroung the blogospere, working on getting the exact quote.

On ABC's This Week, Jack Murtha suggested the possibility that General Peter Pace ordered "the massacre at Haditha." (Murtha holds that some Marines were killed by an IED and the surviving Martines went nuts, shooting civilians.)

Real classy on Memorial Day Weekend. I think this guy has lost it. Either that or he's one gargantuan POS.

Update--Actual quote from transcript:

Murtha--Well, that's what we're trying to figure out. We don't know how far it goes. I mean, it goes right up the chain of command. Right up to General Pace. When did he know about it? Did he order the cover-up? Who ordered the cover-up? I'm sure he didn't. But what - who said, we're not going to publicize this thing? We're not even going to investigate it. Until March, there was no serious investigation. There was an investigation right afterwards but then it was stifled. So we need to know what happened. And the point is, the pressure, the tremendous pressure on these guys, every day when they go out with an explosive device. Second is, the Marines knew about it. And so, this gets around the Marine community, as I'd heard rumors about it. Then, third is, the Iraqis all knew about it. You can bet.

Dissembling SOB.

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