Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lie of the Day "Torture Preventing Justice"

The latest post Moussaoui verdict meme being offered up by the left and the co-dependent Entrenched media is that the wrong man was prosecuted. A memo must have been held in reserve for distribution should the verdict come back for life imprisonment because the similarirty of comment emanating from these groups is uncanny.

"The real terrorists, the real bad guys cannot be prosecuted because the coercive tactics (the left calls it torture) used by the military to gleen intel from the likes of Sheik Mohamed, Mohammad al-Qahtani. etc. preclude prosecution for their crimes."

I have news for these intellectual goose stepping bleeding hearts, that's the idea. The last thing the government and the American people need is for these murderious scumbags to be afforded the same cvil rights as the average Joe being accused of a common crime. High priced lawyers who would defend Satan himself if it would elevate their profile, sympathetic juries who would excuse their abhorrent crimes because their father drank or their mother was a whore, judges who would give a 3 time child molester probation, millions of dollars spent to prosecute and endless appeals is a three ring circus we don't need.

The Bush administration realized this early on and that is why the vast majority of these murdering thugs will never see the inside of a civilian courtroom, nor should they. After every shred of intelligence can be wrenched from these turds coercivelly or otherwise they will face a military tribunal where the aformentioned nonsense ain't gonna play. The libs don't like it but it's the best, the only viable option for prosecuting those who have declared war on the people of the United States.

Civil courts are for civilian crimes military courts are for military crimes. The left attempts to blur the debate because they don't truly believe we are at war. Make no mistake we ARE at war and the terrorists have committed WAR crimes. The military tribunals are designed precisely for this and we can rest assured that ultimately justice will be done.

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