Friday, May 05, 2006

Another Kennedy Lie

A witness will reportedly come forward today and confirm that Patrick Kennedy was, contrary to his denial, indeed drinking the night of his automoblie crash.

Details to follow....

WASHINGTON -U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy insisted yesterday that he had consumed “no alcohol” before he slammed his Mustang convertible into a concrete barrier near his office, but a hostess at a popular Capitol Hill watering hole (Hawk & Dove) told the Herald she saw him drinking in the hours before the crash.

A bartender at the Tune Inn, which is next to the Hawk & Dove, also said Kennedy was spotted in the Hawk & Dove Wednesday.

Update:Cops: Kennedy Was Under Influence via The Smoking Gun

Capitol Police report says congressman's eyes watery, speech slurred

Police report here

Update II: Patrick Kennedy entering rehab for addiction to prescription drugs. The big story will be who intervened with the police on his behalf, stay tuned.

Update III: FOX- "Police are collecting the drink tabs from local bars."

Update IV: Commentary: Just how many passes do we give this guy. Two drug/alcohol related car accidents in 14 days. Two rehabs in less than 6 months. When does personal responsibility for ones actions become the focus?

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