Monday, May 01, 2006

Iraq Shiites hail partial deal with Sunnis on key ministries

I'm always cautious when making any blanket statements concerning the political situation in Iraq. The imbroglio has so many unquantifiable factors affecting the ultimate outcome that informed prognostication is more akin to rank speculation. I suppose "gut feel" is about as good a way to divine the truth as anything.

Personally I get the definate feeling that Iraq is turning the corner. Maliki has been a pleasant surprise in that he appears intent on governing in a non-sectarian manner. Unlike Jafaari, he seems to have the backbone to make proposals that are in the best interest of his entire country rather than pandering to specific groups and the motivation to see them through.

One thing has become abundantly clear, they won't push Maliki around as they did Jafaari. His policies may not be in lockstep with our interests but his governess will likely for Iraq and ultimately us, be far superior to Jafaari's impotence and inaction.

BAGHDAD, May 1, 2006 (AFP) - Iraq's dominant Shiite bloc said it had reached a preliminary deal with minority Sunnis Monday on sharing out the key posts in a national unity government although the details remained to be ironed out.

"We reached an agreement that the 'sovereign' posts would be distributed fairly," said Shiite politician Salam al-Maliki, the outgoing transport minister, after talks with Sunni leaders.
He was referring to the key defense, interior, foreign, oil and finance ministries.

"There is a consensus of views under which independent people should be nominated to the security ministries," the minister added.

Prime minister designate Nuri Maliki had already said he intended to name independent MPs to the interior and defense ministries to avoid allegations of sectarianism.

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