Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Michelle Malkins' "Fit of Vapors" part Deux

For the second time in a month I find myself disagreeing with Michelle Malkin and that folks is a first.

I am presently still undecided about Miers' nomination myself, but one thing is for sure, I am not going to go off half cocked and condemn the President for a choice that could range between anything from imbecilic to brilliant.

MM has has had a bee in her bonnett concerning this administration ever since her Michael Brown tirades and I believe she is working diligently to become a charter member of the blame Bush first consortium. Maybe that comes from sucess or maybe from a desire to appear noble by willing to attack ones own party as easily as the opposition, whatever the reason, it's counterproductive and I don't like it one bit.

Malkin wants a proven on paper dyed in the wool conservative to replace SDO as do many of her fellow bloggers who collectively make up this Bush bashathon. There is presently nothing to indicate that Miers is not such a conservative. Paper trails and people "opinions" mean nothing when it comes to SCOTUS nominees. Remember Anthony Kennedy's nomination to replace Robert Bork?? He was without doubt such a "paper trailed" conservative. Guess who vetted him.....Mark Levin. Well, we all know how that turned out, he's at about a 50% concurrence rate with Scalia and Thomas.

What MM fails to aknowledge is that Bush's judicial picks have been exceptional. He has put talented, conservative non-activist judges on the court consistently. So now suddenly she doesn't feel that he is worthy of her trust on this issue because his SCOTUS nominee doesn't have a Scarlett C tattoed on her forehead? Shame, with conservatives like that who needs the left.

Presidents in the past have made the mistake of relying too much on paper trails, and peer recomendations, that's why 7 of 9 justices were appointed by Republicans and only (untill recently) 3 were staunch originalists. I'll take Bush's first hand knowledge of his nominee over all the paper and pundits in the world.

Some conservatives feel that we haven't won unless we have a knock down drag out over this. That untill the Democrats cave and beg for mercy it's not truly a victory. Steaming cowpie! I'll take a "stealth victory" all day long. The fact that Reid, Schumer and the rest aren't spewing the vicious rhetoric concerning this nominee is nothing more than an acute ignorance of who and what this women is. A nominee with what they perceive as a benign background is hard to demonize. Just wait, those on the left may very well regret they got what they wished for.

One thing for sure, if Harriet Miers reads the constitution in the vernacular, fundamentalist, way she reads her bible, the left will rue the day she was nominated and the "bedwetting right" will will dine on crow under glass.....again.

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