Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush's Supreme Court Nominee is........

Harriet Miers. Breaking: Fox and Friends indicating that AP has reported that Harriet Miers will be Bush SCOTUS pick. We shall see.

Update I: It's official, it's Miers. The best thing I can say about her at the moment is, she's not Gonzales. That is about it. From what I know of her is she's "moderate", not pro-life and had democratic leanings in the past ie. Donations to both Gore and Bentsen campaigns.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. When he had names such as Luttig, McConnell, Brown, and Owen to choose from and he picks Miers, jeeeez. If Bush thinks this will molify the Dims he's sorely mistaken. They will hate him regardless, now they will just hate him with a "moderate" SCOTUS nominee. Not only that but it gives the left an opportunity to charge cronyism.

This was a fight worth picking and the fact that he didn't gives me pause to question his tenacity. If as time goes on information comes to light which contradicts my opinion of Miers as a nominee, I will gladly recant, untill that time all I can say is PU.

Update II: There is one positive that I failed to mention, Miers is a longtime friend of Bush so the chance that a stealth liberal like Souter emerging is unlikely. Bush at least, if not the rest of us, knows what he is getting.

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