Monday, October 17, 2005

ABC/AP, The Big Lie

The headline on this story is just false.....

White Supremacists Riot in Toledo, Ohio

Protesters at a white supremacists' march threw rocks at police, vandalized vehicles and stores and cursed the mayor for allowing the event.

Mayor Jack Ford said when he and a local minister tried to calm the rioters Saturday, they were cursed and a masked gang member threatened to shoot him. At one point, the crowd reached 600 people, officials said.

Rioters set fire to 86-year-old Louis Ratajski's neighborhood pub, Jim & Lou's Bar, but he and his nephew escaped the flames.

I am by no means trying to defend these idiot white supremecists, but for crying out loud the riot was carried out by locals in the neighborhood, the Nazi's were nowhere near the rioting. The EM can't understand why the American people don't believe them anymore. Maybe if they would stop reporting things the way they'd like them to be and start reporting things the way they are, people would begin to listen.

Real story here ironic is it that one of the main thrusts of the neo-Nazi rally was to protest the violence perpretrated by minority gangs in Toledo.

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