Monday, October 10, 2005

750 insurgents arrested, 20 killed or injured in northern Baghdad

Now this is what I call a dirtbag roundup!

BAGHDAD, Oct 10 (KUNA) -- The Multi-National Force (MNF) said on Monday that it arrested 750 insurgents, killed 12, and wounded eight others in a joint operation with the Iraqi security forces.

Spokesperson for Task Force Liberty in the MNF said the joint US-Iraqi force executed over 175 attacks and missions during the first week of operation.The source added that over 50 road-side bombs were discovered on roads in northern and central Iraq, in addition to seizing over 50 mortar rounds, 80 mortars, 70 rockets, and anti-tank mines.

A car bomb had exploded on October 6 about 50 meters away from a Task Force Liberty vehicle nearby Samara, killing one Iraqi child, said the source.The spokesperson noted that the Task Force Liberty clashed with a group of gunmen south of Dalash town, where the forces killed a gunman, arrested another, and seized a car bomb.Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army and Police cordoned the city of Najaf and spread inside the city as part of a security plan in preparation for the referendum on the constitution.(more) mhg.

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