Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Draft Constitution Adopted By Voters

Another milestone toward the defeat of the left...... errrrrr rather global terrorism.

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Officials said Tuesday that a majority of Iraqi voters adopted the country's draft constitution during the country's Oct. 15 referendum.

Results released by the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq show Sunni Arabs who opposed the draft document failed to produce enough votes to defeat it.

he constitution is considered another major step in the country's democratic transformation. It clears the way for the election of a new Iraqi parliament on Dec. 15.

More from AP here

In related news , John Conyers sues in the ICC for a recount citing massive terrorist disenfranchisement.

Update:In case you weren't aware, for the last few months I have been guest blogging at the Jawa Report. This morn I crossposted the above and received the following comment:

"Your true colors show once again. You could care f*cking less about anyone in Iraq or from Iraq or if we ever actually defeat global terrorism. All you care about is defeating the 'lefties', whatever that means. You are just a cog in the wheels of the big murderous oil corporate killing machine. Grind on you jerkoffs. DIE." Mr. Stench (psssst Rotwang, is that you?)

Aside from the fact that I was being facetious, could this guy and people of similar mind be any more clueless. It is the left who have aligned themselves with the terrorists and therefor a defeat of one just naturally translates to a defeat for both. It is the left after all rooting for America to fail in Iraq and whether they admit it or not such a failure would be a serious blow to the overall war on global terrorism. These puny minded petty pacifists would have the United States suffer a devastating defeat just for the satisfaction of saying "I told ya so".

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