Sunday, September 18, 2005

Shroeder is Likely Toast

Final opinion polls predicted that opposition leader Angela Merkel will form Germany's next government after today's election, while leaving it unclear who she'll form it with.

All six opinion polls in the past week show Merkel's Christian Democratic Union ousting Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. They disagree on whether Merkel will be able to form a government with her chosen ally, the Free Democratic Party, or will be forced into a ``grand coalition'' with Schroeder's Social Democrats.

``The only open question is who Merkel will be able to govern with,'' Manfred Guellner, the head of Berlin-based polling company Forsa, said in an interview.

Polls close at 12:00 ET I'll post updates.

Update: Exit Poll: Germans Oust Schroeder's Party

BERLIN - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government was voted out of office Sunday as conservative challenger Angela Merkel's party led in parliamentary elections, according to an exit poll.

Update II: It's Official

Merkel Wins Most Votes in Germany Election

BERLIN - Conservative challenger Angela Merkel won the most votes in German elections Sunday, according to official results, but fell short of a clear mandate to govern as Chancellor
Gerhard Schroeder

The inconclusive results made it likely that Germany's next government could be weakened because of the narrow vote margin and difficulties in forming a coalition.

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