Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Iraqi TV airs video footage of children mutilated by gunmen in Tal Afar

Dante' had no level of hell deep enough for these people.

BAGHDAD, Sept 12 (KUNA) -- Al-Iraqiya satellite television channel on Monday aired video footage showing dead bodies of Iraqi people, including children, mutilated by gunmen in the city of Tal Afar, northern Iraq.

It showed photos of Iraqi children between the ages of six and 17, with their bodies and faces mutilated while lying down in their bedrooms, in addition to other photos of demolished and looted houses.

The station also aired video footage of Tal Afar residents in camps outside the city, as they were forced to leave due to bombings and terror threats.

The Iraqi forces, with US forces' support, launched a wide-scale military campaign to strike insurgents and foreign fighters in the city.

Freedom fighters my a$$.

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