Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Democrat Temper Tantrum

The Democrats "boycotting" the House Katrina hearings will prove to be one of their stupidest moves to date. It's a perfect example of "cutting their nose off to spite their face" and illustrates a depth of political tone deafness that surprises even me.

The only possible rational would be an attempt to delegitimize the hearings due to their lack of participation. This has thusfar not been accomplished, most Americans are not paying close enough attention. It will as so many of the congressional dog and pony shows be reduced to a set of daily soundbites, ie. Brown: "The Louisianna government was dysfunctional".

What it will accomplish is give the Republicans pretty much free reign to choreograph the show. The truth alone would prove to be bad enough for the La. state and local officials but add a room full of Republican congressman hammering the negatives and you have the makings of a massacre.

The Dims took their football and most of their players and went home but the other team has a football and the game continues. With the Rs having 12 players and the Ds 2, the left has done nothing but assure itself of getting blown out.

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