Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Don Imus to Tim Russert: Bush Doesn't Care 'Enough' About Black People

Democrats continue to alienate themselves from the mainstream of American thought. They have been so fervent and single minded spewing their pablum that they're beginning to believe their own rhetoric. This serves only to illustrate to the average citizen how deluded and out of touch with reality the left truly is.

Nationally syndicated radio host Don Imus is echoing comments of Bush-bashing rapper Kanye West, telling guest Tim Russert Tuesday morning that President Bush doesn't care "enough" about black people.

"Kanye West said during a concert on NBC that George Bush doesn't care about black people, which I don't believe," Imus began.

"What I do believe is that neither he nor anyone else cares enough about them," he told the NBC newsman. "And if you're a black person in New Orleans, what else are you supposed to think? The facts are the facts."

Imus has an excuse, he likely is significantly deficient in brain cells due to his extended bouts with drugs and alcohol. Many others including much of the black leadership have no such excuse...........or do they?

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