Thursday, September 15, 2005

Reuters Says Bush Photo Not 'Malicious,' Reports Wide Interest In it

Well I didn't think it was possible but the EM has surpassed themselves in reporting the most trivial inane nonsense in the history of journalism.

NEW YORK With confirmation today that an accidental photo of President Bush at the United Nations on Wednesday, writing a note to Secretary of State Condeezza Rice about a “bathroom break,” was indeed real, newspapers around the U.S. and abroad are now planning to run it widely. But many, it seems, will treat it as something more than a joke.

A source at the Washington Post tells E&P that the paper is considering it for prominent play tomorrow morning, in the context that, at least in some minds, it raises questions about overall perception of the U.S. at the United Nations, right or wrong. Reuters reports extremely strong interest in the photo today.

The fact is, according to Reuters -- and this has not been widely reported -- President Bush did indeed take a bathroom break after passing the note to Rice. This apparently raised some eyebrows around the room, because American representatives (among others) have a reputation for suddenly bolting, though normally for a far different reason than this latest one.

Fair or not, the European press has already had a field day with the photo, often centering on the notion that Bush had to ask Rice for permission. The headline at the Web site for The Times of London, for example, reads: "Excuse me Condi, can I go to the bathroom?"

Is there any depth to which they won't sink to embarrass, besmirch or otherwise paint our President in a negative light. Well if nothing else maybe this will help prove to the moonbat left that he is not the devil insofar as Satan does not have to bother himself with such mortal concerns as taking care of bodily functions.

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