Friday, September 30, 2005


Never underestimate the perceptiveness of the American people.

More than half of Americans are angry and disappointed with the nation’s judiciary, a new survey done for the ABA Journal eReport shows.

A majority of the survey respondents agreed with statements that "judicial activism" has reached the crisis stage, and that judges who ignore voters’ values should be impeached. Nearly half agreed with a congressman who said judges are "arrogant, out-of-control and unaccountable."

The survey results surprised some legal experts with the extent of dissatisfaction shown toward the judiciary. "These are surprisingly large numbers," says Mark V. Tushnet, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC (surprising to you maybe, not to many of us)

People see what's going on. They realize the left is attempting to usurp the will of the people via the back door utilization of activist judges and courts and they don't like it....not one bit.

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