Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Poll: Afghans, Iraqis most optimistic

What a surprise, the Afghanis and Iraqis are far more optimistic about their future than the left of this country is about theirs. Guess they're not exposed to negative propaganda 24/7 and unlike the left here, they're not predisposed to disbelieve their lying eyes.

An international poll done for Britain's BBC says Iraqis and Afghans are most optimistic about their economic future, while Italians are among the downcast.

Joining the Italians in the pessimism category at people in Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo, says the poll of 37,500 people in 32 nations.

Joining the Afghans and Iraqis in the optimistic category are Canadians who are bullish not only about their own finances (64 percent), but also about their country (63 percent).

In Afghanistan, 70 percent of respondents said their own circumstances are improving, and 57 percent said the country overall is on the way up. In Iraq, 65 percent believe their personal life is getting better, and 56 percent are upbeat about the country's economy, the BBC reported.

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