Monday, January 02, 2006

Louis Farrakhan Named 'Person of the Year'

Granted online polls aren't fit to line your birdcage, nonetheless, the fact that a fair number of people believe that this fanatical racist demagogue should be "honored" is scary indeed.

Firebrand Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been named "Person of the Year for 2005" in an online poll by the Black Entertainment Television network, beating out Oprah Winfrey, Sen. Barack Obama and BET founder Robert L. Johnson.

"An overwhelming percentage of our users agreed that Minister Farrakhan made the most positive impact on the black community over the past year," vice president Retha Hill told, Farrakhan's own web site.

Farrakhan told that he was "greatly honored and extremely humbled" to be chosen as their 2005 Person of the Year.

"I accept this great honor as encouragement to work as hard as I can in the twilight years of my life to facilitate the success of this ongoing struggle,” he added.

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