Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Indiana NBC Affiliate Rejects 'Book of Daniel'

If NBC really wants to be "courageous" they should air a show about a politically conservative black family in today's society trying to cope with the contempt from their racial bretheren.

NBC affiliate WTWO in Terre Haute, Indiana, has become the first station to announce they will not be showing "The Book of Daniel.”

"We expect other NBC affiliates will join WTWO in their decision,” said American Family Association (AFA) Chairman Donald E. Wildmon.

He also said that NBC is having trouble finding sponsors for the show. AFA says it has been notified by several companies that they have no plans to sponsor the show.

"It appears that NBC will be forced to fill the available ad spots with ‘distressed merchandise’ ads which are sold at pennies on the dollar of the going rate, and with ‘make good’ ads which bring in no money to the network,” Wildmon said.

Wildmon said that other NBC affiliates, bombarded with hundreds of phone calls protesting the manner in which Christians and Christianity are depicted, will refuse to carry the program. "We are tired of NBC’s anti-Christian bigotry,” he stated.

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