Friday, April 01, 2005

Payroll Growth Sluggish; Jobless Rate Dips

When it comes to Rupublican administrations, very few news outlets try harder to turn a silk purse into a sows ear than the Associated Press.

Payroll growth across the country was sluggish in March as employers added just 110,000 jobs, the smallest increase since July. Nevertheless, the labor market accommodated enough people to drop the unemployment rate to 5.2 percent.

Alternative Headline for Democrat Administration: "Nations hiring on a terror as unemployment rate drops to 4 year low." "Hourly earnings surge by an unexpected .03%."

Update: This additional information from Polipundit

March 1997 (Clinton 2nd Term)
5.2 = overall unemployment rate
4.5 = for whites
10.7 = for blacks
8.6 = for latinos

March 2005
5.2 = overall unemployment rate
4.4 = for whites
10.3 = for blacks
5.7 = for latinos

Any wonder why Latinos are voting for Bush.

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